SHOEBOX Data Import Quick Guide

This quick guide will explain the employee information and historical data that is required and how to provide it to SHOEBOX. Please use the process below and do not send Employee information or historical data via email.

Step 1: Prepare your Employee List

The following information is required for every Employee being tested in this file: (Template provided)

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Unique Employee ID
  • Facility
  • Department, Job Position & Classification (optional, beneficial for reporting)

Step 2- Prepare Historical Audiogram Data (if applicable)

  • All data must be sent to SHOEBOX in “machine-readable” form (.xls, .xlsx, .csv).
    • Do not send PDFs, image files, or photos of the data
    • CSV or Excel files must have separate columns per data point, do not send individual reports for each employee
  • Ask your previous provider for the following with regards to historical data:
    • CSV or Excel spreadsheet of the employee demographics and audiogram thresholds with initial and revised/updated baselines marked.
    • See the script below that can be used to request historical data from your previous provider

      Example Script:


      I would like to request an export of our historical audiogram data, in one file/spreadsheet. Please provide the following:

      - All data must be sent in “machine-readable” form (.xls, .xlsx, or .csv) and include the employee demographics and audiogram thresholds
      - Ensure ALL initial and revised/updated baselines are marked

  • To import historical data into SHOEBOX we require the following information for every Employee being tested:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
    • Unique Employee ID
    • Initial and Revised/Updated Baselines marked in the data
    • Audiogram Test Date
    • Audiogram data in labeled columns (see template example below)

      Template Example: Sample Examinetics File
      Note: Historical data coming from other providers will need to be in a similar format
      Sample Examinetics File

Step 3: Prepare your Noise/Dosimetry Surveys

Prepare any relevant noise/area surveys or personal dosimetry readings available. The noise surveys help the SHOEBOX team learn more about your Hearing Conservation Program and knowing what kind of noise the employees are exposed to enhances our review process.

Step 4: Send Your Data to SHOEBOX

  • Use the secure link provided to you by a SHOEBOX Support team member to upload the files from Steps 1-3:
    • Employee list file
    • Historical audiogram file (if applicable)
    • Noise/dosimetry Surveys

Last Updated: 2021-06-20

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