Managing Users

All users in your organization will be listed on the Users page.

To access the Users page, hover over "Settings" in the sidebar, then under "Administration" click "Users"

Note: the user tab is only available to admin users. By default, every organization is given one admin user account, and every new user created will be a non-admin or "basic" user. To create additional admin users, contact

SHOEBOX Web Portal Users Page

To add a new user:

  1. Click the “New” button
  2. Add the user’s name and email address
  3. Click “Create”
    Note: You can only create as many users as you have licenses for SHOEBOX/QuickTest.

Create a User window

Once a user is added, they have to verify their account in order to use the portal. To verify their account, they must click the “Set Up Account” button in the email they receive from SHOEBOX and create a password. Any users that have not yet verified their account will have an "unverified" label appear under the Status column.

To import multiple users:

If you want to import a list of multiple users from a CSV file, simply drag and drop your CSV file into the gray box, or click the + symbol to select your CSV from your file explorer.

Click here for a template you can use for importing multiple users.

SHOEBOX Web Portal: Import Users List

To export a CSV of all users and their data:

  1. Click on the Export CSV button on the top right corner of the page
    Export CSV button example
  2. Open the CSV in Excel or another spreadsheet

The CSV contains full user data for each of your users. Including:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Region
  • Assigned Projects
  • User Roles (Default, Admin, etc.)
    Note: This is important for understanding which users have full access to Settings, Data Admin, etc. and can create and edit Projects. Only users with the Admin role can perform administrative actions such as those stated above.
  • Password Expiry Date
  • First Login Date
  • Most Recent Login Date

To edit an existing user:

  1. Click on the user’s name in the list
  2. Click in the top right corner of the User Information section
  3. Edit the user’s first and/or last name
  4. Click “Save”

User options

From the individual user page, you can also perform various actions related to user status:

  • Disable the user.
    Note: to access the “Disable” button, click in the top right corner of the User Information section
  • Send a password reset email
  • Resend a verification email (if the user has not already been verified)
  • Unlock the user (if the user has been locked due to too many unsuccessful login attempts)
  • Enable the user (if the user is disabled)
    User Information
  • Enable the user to reset their baseline (PureTest only):
    This is done if a user cannot complete the biological verification because there has been a change in their hearing. They will need to contact an admin user to have their baseline reset. Click the “Reset” Checkbox to reset the employee's baseline, which will allow them to update their baseline and proceed with testing.
    User Baseline Reset
    Note: The old baseline will not be removed from the portal. It will be archived. However, the old baseline value, which is a separate value, is stored on the app as part of the user's account data. After the reset, the user no longer has a baseline value stored in their account, and they have to create a new baseline value through biological verification to start testing.

The individual user page also tells you which projects the user is currently assigned to in a list below the User Information section. As an admin user, you can add or remove a user from projects using this section.

how to add a user to single or multiple projects + remove the user from the project

Last Updated: 2021-09-03

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