Setting Up Your Automated Pure Tone Test

Important note for audiologists: SHOEBOX measures using dB HL, not SPL. Please consider this when configuring your test and viewing results.

Note: Before starting a test, ensure your transducers are still within their calibration date

  1. Select a transducer. Choose your transducer by matching the number on the screen to the barcode on the transducer cable.
    Note: Bone testing is available in SHOEBOX Pro only. If your test type has bone testing enabled, then this second transducer selection will be displayed
  2. Select a test type. Hint: you can create new test types in Settings
  3. Perform a room scan. This ensures your testing area adheres to your Maximum Permissible Ambient Noise Levels (MPANLs). We recommend taking a quick look at the Performing a Room Scan article if this feature is new to you.
  4. Select the starting tone presentation level (default is 55dB). If your patient has significant hearing loss, you may want to start at a higher level.
    Note: the test starts with the right ear by default. It starts with the better ear if starting level is set differently between ears
  5. Tap “Start”

Last Updated: 2020-04-01

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